Application Optimization

Technology executives must persistently perform a balancing act: satisfying the evolving business demands while getting the most out of their companies’ existing IT systems. With 70 percent of the typical organization’s global transactions running on bequest applications, doing more with less, is no easy feat.

Accelor’s Application Optimization offering allows IT to strip out inessential operating costs while reducing capital spend and freeing IT staff to create value for the business. We can help address whether to replatform or remediate, migrate,  legacy applications. The outcome: added value from existing applications with limited business disruption, reduced costs,  and decreased risk.

We bring informed panorama and experience to bear to provide new, cost-efficient ways to host applications (such as cloud computing) and adapt platforms, including mainframe application optimization.

We provide dependable outcomes by being a good listener and working alongside clients’ teams to generate results using innovative plans and firm program-management disciplines. Clients see fast results because our application optimization professionals work in flexible teams that can be assembled and deployed rapidly anywhere in the world.