Quality: ATS employees embrace their responsibilities, enjoy the process of solving problems, and provide effective solutions and added value to customers.

Individuality: ATS employees deeply respects the  skills, knowledge, ideas and capabilities that each employee brings to the team. Employees own their jobs to hone their expertise,  take their contributions to the next level, become subject-matter experts and better support the organization, while also realizing the value of teamwork.

Trust: ATS work environment is  collaborative, open, honest and family oriented. Employees feel comfortable and confident in letting their thoughts out, and trust their ideas will be well received. Employees know that they can rely on their colleagues to firmly support them in team projects by completing their work before deadlines, on budget, with efficiency and high quality.

Creativity: ATS employees are fond of conceiving new ideas, fueling better products, services, and processes. ATS embraces humor, laughter and having fun while working toward a common goal. ATS often holds brainstorming sessions around new themes and goals that makes employees don’t take themselves too seriously, and use their imaginations to drive innovation.

Leadership: ATS employees share our passion and vision and execute it with confidence. Employees less anxious about getting credit for their proposal and accomplishments, and rather focused on guiding the team to the company’s goals. Employees celebrate each others successes and look forward to taking those successes to the next level together.

Accountability: ATS employees are dedicated to their work and take full responsibility for their duties. They make well-thought-out decisions that lead to the right changes for the right reasons.

Measurements: ATS employees measure and track company’s innovation activities, evaluate results, and determine what isn’t working and why. They integrate lessons into the next phase of a project and into new projects. They think critically to continually improve their innovation strategies by using data and analysis, sharing findings with colleagues, and openly communicating about results.